2000 Honda S2000 – Coast To Coast


As a self-proclaimed Honda fanatic, I find it hard to consider many cars I’d rather own compared to the late and great S2000. Just hear me out for any minute, though i know that’s a bit of a bold statement. It’s got each of the right stuff: rear-wheel-drive layout; it’s nimble and small with quick turn-in response, as well as the naturally aspirated motor is probably the finest 4-cylinders ever built. In order to drive, while some say the S2000 is snappy and difficult to deal with on the edge, others say it’s just a car that you need to be awake. No matter what your opinion from the S2000, you really can’t debate that it’s an incredible platform to develop upon regardless of the your end goals are.

John Gamboa ofFremont and California, feels the same way, as it is evident by his lovely example of what you can do with an AP1. Although, permit me to put this out there now: John did not build this car from your ground up. To get completely fair, he openly admits that he bought this car from your friend in South Florida, largely from the same shape as you see here. ” take a chill pill while keeping an open mind because there’s nothing wrong with buying a built car, now before you shout and go “blasphemy. It’s often cheaper and much lesscoming from a good friend of mine who I now look up to as being an older brother,” John told me. “But, please, don’t have the misconception that I’m someone who got a new car not being totally sure everything that’s on it. We have been in the automotive community [for a long time], with lots of previous builds under my belt. I used to reside in South Florida, and I am still active there, even though I now are living in the Bay Area.”

You see, John owned an AP2 S2000 leading up to the acquisition of this AP1, and the choice to buy an already modified car had not been based on anything other than happy circumstances. The concept of modifying his old S2000 had been floating around in their head for quite a while, and after stumbling across this car online, he began to rethink the entire approach.

Instead of expecting months upon months for rare parts from Japan to get stateside (a scenario we all are familiar with), John found an auto with a unique character which simply spoke to him. The truth that it just so happened to be for sale when he was ready to buy was simply another fortunate coincidence.

This S2K is fairly modest in the performance upgrade department, sporting a collection of Bilstein coilovers, Nitto NT555 tires with Advan RS-D wheels, and uncomplicated engine bolt-ons. The engine, however, is not original. John popped the AP1 motor and replaced it with a low-mileage F22C. It’s a greater portion of a cruising car as opposed to an all-out track monster; John has kept everything civil so he can still enjoy it on a regular basis. Too often, it’s easy to go overboard, and before you know it, the car is a garage queen that’s barely driven.

2000 honda S2000 cusco 6 point roll cage

2000 honda S2000 personal black suede steering wheel

2000 honda S2000 zoom carbon rear view mirror

The exterior has been done up very nicely all the way through, with the most immediately noticeable upgrade being the custom Apex Blue paint. Similar to Laguna Seca Blue, this paint is simply different enough to make you stop and look twice. A Sorcery bumper having a carbon-fiber under plate resides up front. John told me this particular piece is fairly rare from the S2000 community, but oh how proper it looks. The Spoon front fenders flow nicely into the rear ASM rear over fenders, plus a Top Secret diffuser finishes off the back end. The S2000 is a convertible, however it seems so rare to see a modified example without a hardtop of some sort. Mugen may be the weapon associated with preference in this case, painted gloss black for a nice contrast versus the bright blue body. The sum of the aero parts and blue paint gives John’s S2K quite a special look, which isn’t an easy task to achieve currently.

It’s not very often that we see a complete interior swap, but in the case of many Hondas (like the S2000), it’s no irrational idea. The cabins are (largely) the same between generations once stripped down, so the AP2 interior in John’s car looks and fits as if it came straight off the assembly line. A pair of Bride bucket seats holds driver and passenger in place, whilst adding some much-appreciated style points to the mix. Your Own steering wheel with Works Bell quick release is almost looks and expected right in the home with blue stitching to suit the car’s exterior. Because after all, he drives this thing on the regular, john includes a modest stereo in place.

When it’s all said and done, John is incredibly happy with his choice to buy this car, and we can’t blame him. If the car you plan to construct (basically) pops up for a fraction of the purchase price, would you really say no to that opportunity? Hardly. With good looks, functional performance, and the added bonus of not having to pay years in your lifestainless steel lines.