Three Great Things for Summer Bonfires

night scene: tree silhouette and campfire on sea background
night scene: tree silhouette and campfire on sea background

Summer is here, meaning that the nights are great for bonfires. Regardless if you are heading out to the beach or the mountains, there are some great things you need to have to help make your summer bonfires among the best ever.

1. A Car That Can Take You Everywhere


One wonderful thing about bonfires is that they can take you off the beaten track to enable you to your friends can enjoy the fires in solitude. Because a bonfire may be over a beach or even in the woods, you want to make sure that you can get to the favorite bonfire spot. With the Nissan XTerra from Ontario Nissan, you will have the ideal vehicle for wherever you need to go. With four wheel drive as well as an interior which is easy to keep clean, you are able to take your bonfire anywhere. Find out more about the XTerra by using

2. An Excellent Bluetooth Speaker

A high quality portable Bluetooth speaker is a must-have when you are planning out your bonfire. With the ability to play for hours without getting plugged in and great sound, you can bring your music with you in your phone and enjoy the perfect tunes for your party. You won’t regret a purchase when you have the ideal mood music for your bonfire.

3. Acoustic Instruments

Take into consideration getting some acoustic instruments to share with your friends if keeping your bonfire unplugged will be your thing. Draw out your tribal side with drums, other and bells noise making instruments or, if you want something a little more advance, think about getting an acoustic guitar to try out your favorite music. You may make great memories as you and the friends go back to basics and revel in a twist on the old fashioned drum circle.